Echoes of the Garden

Folklore And Myth

Tales of a Worldly Willow

The Greek myth of Niobe and her pride is possibly one of the best known tales of our Noble Interest. It’s also one of the saddest. My first encounter with Greek mythology came through a book called D’Aulaire’s Book of… Continue Reading…

A Place in the World

Willows in the World

In his book, TREES:A WOODLAND NOTEBOOK, the Right Honorable Sir Herbert Maxwell says: The name “willow” speaks to us of a time when our Anglo-Saxon forbears dwelt in wattled houses. They spoke of the tree aswelig and also as widig (whence… Continue Reading…

The Leech's Knowing

Good For What’s Hurting You

Willow has been used for pain relief since antiquity. It was recommended by Hippocrates, Galen and Dioscorides for that. The Leechbook of Bald suggests this use for it: A head bath for that (baldness); boil willow leaves in water, wash… Continue Reading…


A Pot To Cook In

Willow is not used as a food; however, it did make a major contribution to the kitchen. It is believed that the start of fired pottery began when someone who needed to boil water covered their willow basket with clay… Continue Reading…

In the Garden

Weeping Trees and Contented Kittens

Humanity’s association with the willow has been a long one and, for humanity at least, a profitable one. There is evidence of use of willow all the way back to Paleolithic times. It is only comparatively recently that we have… Continue Reading…

Noble Interest

The Willow

Salix spp., S. babylonica S. viminalis S. dicolor S.matsudana I have always had willows around me wherever I’ve lived. I played under them as a child and planted them as an adult. I’ve come to love them but even I… Continue Reading…

Wes Hu Thal

Wes Thu Hál

Hello! I tell you- just when you think Spring might be happening, a nor’easter sneaks up on you. In spite of the three and a half feet of snow that fell, Spring marches on. A flock of red-winged blackbirds took… Continue Reading…


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About Me

About Me

My interest in plants started young. While most of my friends were playing with Barbie or dreaming of horses, I was out in the fields of our farm creating imaginary villages and caching collected seeds, roots and herbs against winter need. When I discovered the library and field guides, I realized that I had found my passion- the interaction between plants and people. While my caching habits have switched to saving more useful plants, some things don’t change. I still …
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